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Smart Start Funded Programs

KidSource Child Care Resource & Referral

Child Care Resource and Referral (CCR&R) will provide technical assistance to child care providers; monthly training for providers and parents; lending library services; data collection regarding local child care needs and services; outreach and public awareness pertaining to child care related issues; advocacy for quality programs and policies affecting childcare and coordinate the Stability in Stars Program. The CCR&R Coordinator will supervise Enhancing Quality through Professional Development program activities and contracted staff, not included in this activity. Services will be provided as needed by phone, and individually or in groups at the CCR&R office, onsite at childcare facilities and at appropriate community locations. Smart Start funds may be used for light refreshments, meals and/or meeting expenses. KidSource CCR&R will collaborate with the Region 10 lead agency to provide programs and services. ​Contact Shanda Cox at or call 336-985-2676, ext. 168 for questions.

Program Management & Evaluation

Stokes Partnership for Children may utilize in-house and/or contracted personnel to address the multifarious aspects of Smart Start programming and to build upon strengths of the contractors who have principal areas of program evaluation skills. These identified areas of program evaluation needs are as follows: 1) Overall program evaluation and technical assistance for the evaluation process; 2) Program monitoring and reporting of activities and fiscal accountability coordination; 3) Community focus groups and workshops to address collaboration needs with partnering agencies and development of program evaluation education for partner agencies; 4) Data collection from all Smart Start sponsored programs; 5) Analysis of data from subcontractors; 6) Synthesis of data into usable format for annual evaluation of program effectiveness and of Smart Start impact within the community; 7) Creation of all monitoring and evaluation data in a reportable format. Smart Start funds may be used to conduct, or update, a local needs assessment to accurately determine unmet needs.

Enhancing Quality Through Professional Development

Enhancing Quality Through Professional Development (EQPD) will provide financial incentives to early childhood professionals working with children ages birth to five for at least 20 hours per week in a Stokes County licensed facility.  Payments will be made after successful completion (grade C or better or pass marking) of a 3 semester credit hour college level course that meets the requirements for a degree in early childhood.  Prerequisite developmental classes will be paid following the completion of three credit hours of prerequisite developmental classes. Financial incentives will also be given for Milestone Achievements (i.e. Early Childhood Certificates; Associate degree in Early Childhood; Bachelor degree in Early Childhood; Master's Degree in Early Childhood). Per-course incentives may be paid after each course completed. Milestone Achievement payments will occur only one time per person for each Milestone Achievement level completed. Eligible Milestone Achievement recipients must have received per course incentives through EQPD for a minimum of two semesters within the current and/or immediately preceding two fiscal years. Stokes Partnership for Children supports EQPD through Smart Start funds and encourages all early childhood professionals enrolled in college to request additional information about this opportunity. Contact Dianne Durham at or call 336-985-2676, ext. 166 for questions. 

NC Pre-K Support

The NC Pre-Kindergarten Program provides high quality pre-k services to eligible children.  To support access to and ensure quality to this pre-k program, Stokes Partnership for Children provides services such as classroom monitoring to ensure compliance for continuous quality improvement; local data collection and analysis to ensure and improve service access and delivery to eligible families; coordination of classroom technical assistance and professional development opportunities; collaboration with community partners to conduct county-wide DIAL screenings to identify eligible children.

Reach Out and Read@

This activity will provide a Project Coordinator and other local partnership staff to partner with medical care practices to provide pre-literacy opportunities for children and their parents. The participating trained medical care providers will voluntarily incorporate Reach Out and Read@ (ROR), an evidence-based model, into young children's regular pediatric checkups or well-child visits. The medical care providers will implement ROR in their practices according to the National ROR guidelines. During each of the routine visits, children will receive a new, culturally- and developmentally-appropriate book to take home and read with their parents. The medical care providers will discuss the importance of reading, model reading a book aloud to the child, and encourage parent-child interactions as part of pre-literacy and language development. The program begins at the child's 6-month checkup and continues through age 5, with a special emphasis on children growing up in low-income communites. The children's "medical home" will display a "literacy-rich" waiting room area that reinforces the doctor's "prescription to read". This activity will also ensure data collection for the project evaluation and secure funds for book purchases for at least 6 months after project completion. This program is currently offered at the pediatric practice of Dr. Lucy Downey-Smith in Danbury, NC. Learn more, click here. 

Workforce Innovation to Support Early Education (WISEE)

Stokes County residents or individuals working in a Stokes County early childhood program (serving children birth to five and not yet in kindergarten) who are enrolled in at least one 3 semester credit hour (sch) college level course that meets the requirements for a degree in early childhood education with the goal to obtain an Early Childhood Education Associates degree or higher, will be offered the opportunity to participate in the Workforce Innovation to Support Early Education (WISEE) program. WISEE will provide financial incentives, enhanced educational opportunities and support for college students with a goal to increase the workforce of higher educated early childhood professionals through the use of college credits. WISEE will help to decrease barriers and create a more seamless pathway for students interested in the early childhood field, especially from high school to college, and on into the workforce. Priority will be given to recent high school graduates and those new to the ECE field. WISEE will provide opportunities for students to develop skills relating to professionalism, leadership and advocacy. In addition to financial incentives and educational opportunities, WISEE will provide an additional level of support and guidance in order to help the students succeed in obtaining college credits in the early childhood education field.  Students must be teaching in, or will be encouraged to work in, an early childhood program. Students must reapply each semester. Contact Dianne Durham at or call 336-985-2676, ext. 166.

Smart Start Funds for POC - Stokes County Department of Social Services   

Financial assistance will be paid on a direct per child basis for the purchase of part- or full-day care and/or rate enhancements for families eligible for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) or the Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF). This activity will be implemented through the state-level subsidy contract and will be governed by a Memorandum of Understanding between the Local Partnership and the Local Purchasing Agency (LPA). 336-593-2861

Early Childhood Itinerant Instructor - Forsyth Tech

Stokes Partnership for Children will fund a full-time position with Forsyth Technical Community College for an Early Childhood Itinerant Instructor in order to offer afternoon, evening, and online courses leading to the credential certificate in early childhood and/or associate degree in early childhood education for Stokes County early education providers. This position will advise, enroll and provide a greater access to early childhood education at a time and place convenient for child care providers in Stokes County. A minimum of six courses per semester will be offered in a variety of alternative formats: afternoons, evenings, online, at providers centers, family child care homes, schools or convenient locations in Stokes County. This instructor will go out into each early childhood setting and evaluate their needs for professional development plans and will also work closely with Stokes Partnership for Children to provide Division of Child Development and Early Education approved trainings as requested for child care providers. 336-734-7969

Wise Start - Stokes Family YMCA

The Wise Start Coordinator will use the evidence-informed Be Active Kids Movement Guide to work with child care providers to improve the health and development of children birth to five.  Services will be provided at child care centers and family child care homes. This program is open to all regulated and part-day child care programs with priority given to programs at a three star rating or below and providers participating in quality enhancement activities. Services will include up to twenty 12-week sessions.  Each session will include pre and post assessment using the Go NAP SACC Self Assessment Instrument; evaluation and development of classroom plans based on the assessment; and weekly on site visits for modeling of developmentally appropriate physical activity for children and staff. The Wise Start Coordinator will collaborate with Stokes Partnership for Childrens CCR&R Coordinator to offer Be Active Kids training sessions for the early childhood community. 336-985-9622

Parents As Teachers - The Children's Center

Parents as Teachers (PAT) Program is an evidence-based early childhood parent education and family support program serving parents throughout pregnancy until their child enters kindergarten. The PAT program is designed to enhance child development, improve literacy and school achievement through home visitation, parent education, family support and resource information. The PAT program provides early detection of developmental delays, health issues, and has been proven to prevent child abuse and neglect. Services provided to families include: a minimum of monthly home visitations by a salaried certified parent educator, group based educational and supportive groups meetings (Learn and Grow), a 24-hour crisis line, children's annual developmental screenings, functional assessments, family centered assessments, and community connections to resource networks. The PAT program will submit an annual report to National Parent As Teachers office as required and will engage in the PAT Standards Self assessment according to National PAT recommendations. Service will be provided by a PAT trained educator who has a minimum of a Bachelors degree. Smart Start funds may be used to support personnel, the costs of rent, materials, trainings, meetings and on conference expenses. Contact Donna Wishon with The Children's Center at 336-983-4026 or

Stability in Stars - KidSource CCR&R

The Stability in Stars activity provides quality enhancement incentives for eligible 4 and 5 star programs. A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Stokes Partnership for Children (SPC) and the Stokes County Department of Social Services (DSS) determines how these funds are to be spent. Our MOU agrees to allow these funds to pass through DSS, which in turn gives eligible programs a pre-determined amount per child receiving subsidy payment through DSS.  These funds are an incentive or bonus to attain and sustain a higher star rating.


Other Programs and Services (Not funded by Smart Start)

NC Pre-Kindergarten - NC Division of Child Development and Early Education

The NC Pre-K Program is designed to provide high-quality educational experiences to enhance school readiness for eligible four-year-old children. The NC Pre-K Program Requirements are built on the National Education Goals Panel’s premise that to be successful academically in school, children need to be prepared in all five of the developmental domains that are critical to children’s overall well-being and success in reading and math as they enter school:

  • Approaches to play and learning

  • Emotional and social development

  • Health and Physical Development

  • Language development and communication

  • Cognitive development

For more information click here. 

Dolly Parton's Imagination Library - Stokes Partnership for Children

Stokes Partnership for Children (SPC) has a very special gift for ALL of Stokes County's young children under 5 years of age. Due to our successful fundraising efforts SPC is now offering Dolly Parton's Imagination Library. Dolly Parton's Imagination Library offers any child a free, developmentally appropriate book once per month from the time they are born until their 5th birthday. Once children are enrolled in the program, books are mailed to their home each month. Dolly Parton's Imagination Library encourages reading along with parent and child interaction ultimately helping children enter kindergarten with established pre-literacy skills critical to later reading success. For more information click here.

Little Folks Festival

Held each April, the Little Folks Festival is a school readiness forum for young children and families, with a focus on early care and education, literacy, family support and health. County organizations, non-profits and businesses set up booths featuring their programs and services making the festival a perfect venue for community information sharing. Best of all it offers a variety of fun activities for young children, including special appearances by costume characters, indoor/outdoor activities, free food, free books, games and prizes. Funding is provided throught private donations. There is no charge for admission. Donations are accepted. SPC partners with other community agencies to offer the Little Folks Festival, including the Stokes Family YMCA, the Stokes County Schools, the Children's Center, YMCA Camp Hanes and the Forsyth Tech Early Childhood Program. As a part of this collaboration, the Stokes Family YMCA hosts their Healthy Kids Day jointly with the Little Folks Festival.

Howard Mabe Literacy Fund

Howard Mabe, a former Stokes County Commissioner, was an active board member of Stokes Partnership for Children for many years. He served as Treasurer of the board and was an energetic SPC committee member. He was well liked and respected by SPC staff and fellow members of the SPC Board of Directors. In order to honor his memory, Stokes Partnership for Children has established the Howard Mabe Literacy Fund. Donations to the fund will be used to purchase new books for young children in Stokes County, in order to encourage the love of reading beginning at an early age. Labels are placed in the front of each book informing the recipient that the book was given through the Howard Mabe Literacy Fund. Howard Mabe valued the well-being of young children and appreciated the importance of literacy as it relates to school readiness and future success. This ongoing initiative is a way for the community to continue to give back to a cause that was so important to Howard Mabe and to help honor his memory. Donations may be made to Stokes Partnership for Children, Howard Mabe Childrens Book Fund, PO Box 2319, King, NC 27021. For more information contact SPC at 336-985-2676 or

Contracted Services
Wise Start
Stability in Stars
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